Carl's Story

Carl came to Three Twins after wrapping up a successful school bus career on the East Coast. He safely carried children to class for several years, until he was purchased, painted white and transformed into an ice cream truck in Connecticut.

Carl’s current adventure began when Three Twins Founder Neal Gottlieb saw him on eBay and decided to bring him to California. Neal caught a flight east and spent a manic 93 hours driving Carl across the United States. It was loud – the truck floor had a hole that opened to the road below – and there was no air conditioning to keep things cool on those hot Midwest highways. Neal also slept in the back for two nights, parked along the side of the road. Still, he made the most of the journey by listening to hours of NPR, stopping off to buy postcards and eating chicken fried steak at the world’s largest truck stop, along Interstate 80 in Iowa.

Once he arrived in Petaluma, California, Carl went from boring white bus to flashy, fun ice cream truck. The hole in the floor was fixed and the roof was raised. Artists added a coat of bright green paint and some awesome graphics, along with neon lights, custom upholstery, shiny new rims and a horn that plays happy songs and animal sounds. After installing freezers and hooking up a mobile generator to keep products frosty, Carl was ready to hit the road.

In 2011, Carl carried free ice cream to the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains and Southern California. He’ll winter in Northern California before heading out again next year to share Three Twins with fans all over the United States.

Coincidentally, Carl is also the name of Neal’s twin brother.